Information about myself,
and my contributions to the public.

My name is Ethem Kurt and I was born in 9th May 1993 in Mettmann, Germany. I live in Erkelenz, Germany and right now I am a computer science student in FH-Aachen, Germany. I contribute to the open source community, offer help against programming issues aswell as doing small jobs for companies.

Recent Work


DiscordETI is a Discord bot made in Java with Discord4J and more...


ControllerIndicator, which is made in C# is a visual representation of a SNES controller in action, which is useful for live streams.


GraviSim3D is a newtonian gravitation simulator made in Java with Processing libraries.


PianoETI, which is made in C# is a tool to configure sound boards and play a midi keyboard.

BFVM & jbfvm

Brainf*** Virtual Machine, which is made in C++ and ported to Java is an environment to execute Brainf*** code. All standards are supported!

Get In Touch

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